5 Reasons to Buy a Zero Gravity Massage Chair

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5 Reasons to Buy a Zero Gravity Massage Chair

The zero gravity massage chair is the latest fad in the health and wellness industry, and for good reason. It comes with a myriad of health benefits, from better circulation to back pain relief. While it is definitely one of the more expensive options on the market, if you’ve got the money it’s definitely a worthwhile investment.

This article shares 5 reasons why you should get one ASAP. But before we start, let’s talk about how it actually works.


How it works

A zero gravity massage chair uses technology made by NASA engineers, which works by positioning the body in a state of evenly distributed pressure – the “neutral body posture”. This is a position where the feet are elevated slightly higher than the head. This reduces pressure on the body and helps blood return to the heart easier. It feels incredibly relaxing and comfortable – kind of like being in a floatation tank.

The benefits

While there are many advantages to using a zero gravity massage chair, here are five of the main ones:

Muscle relaxation

Perhaps the most pleasant benefit of these seats is the instant alleviation of muscle tension that you feel when you sit down. The position makes you feel like you are floating, resulting in relaxation you have likely never experienced before. And of course, the nodes and rollers will help to ease any tight spots in your muscles, too.

Boosted blood circulation

As previously mentioned, this seat encourages the healthy circulation of blood through your body by raising your legs above heart level. As a result of improved blood flow, oxygen will travel through your body faster, making your organs function optimally. Additionally, this can help people who have problems with ulcers and edema in their legs as it stops blood pooling.

Improved lung function

The zero gravity massage chair promotes a position in which your lungs and diaphragm operate at an optimal level. This means your lungs can hold more oxygen, resulting in more oxygen spreading through your body, and the health benefits that come with this.

Stress relief

Through a combination of the aforementioned benefits, as well as by encouraging your body to release serotonin, the zero gravity massage chair will promote a reduction of stress and help you to deeply relax.

Reduce pain

If you suffer from chronic back or neck pain, investing in a seat like this is a great way to deal with your symptoms in the long-run. By unwinding in your seat at the end of the day in a perfectly neutral position you can prevent the build-up of muscle tension and improve your posture, thereby alleviating chronic pain.


Still not sure?

If you’re worried about the costs associated with buying a zero gravity massage chair, keep in mind that if you visit a masseuse regularly then getting a seat will pay off in the long run (because you won’t be spending $100 a week on your masseuse!). Additionally, getting a seat can save you a lot of time that would otherwise be spent scheduling appointments and travelling to and from your masseuse.

If you feel like you have tried everything for your back or neck pain, or simply have some extra cash to spend on a luxurious relaxation device, the zero gravity massage chair might be for you. Do ensure that you and anyone else using it familiarises yourself with it before using it to ensure you are using it properly. Ensure that you follow the instruction manual to use the device safely. Overusing it could potentially cause harm.