How To Invest In The Stock Exchange?

How To Invest In The Stock Exchange?

To be a shareholder of the stock exchange, it is necessary, firstly, to have the courage to risk and a saved capital. With these tools in hand, the second step is to look for a broker registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Brokerage firms act as bridges between investors and companies that release shares to be purchased.

Once this is done, this same brokerage will open an account for you on the Bovespa (São Paulo Stock Exchange). With this registration and mind, you can start buying and selling stocks, but for this, you need to know the types of investments possible:

Investment Clubs – that’s when a group of 3 to 150 people comes together to buy stocks, which charge fees but leave cheaper than the investment fund, for example.

Professional Investment Funds – Simplest method of buying stocks that do not require knowledge in economics. Under this scheme, the minimum investment is $ 1000, and you do not have to do anything, because the fund buys the best shares and passes on the profits later.

Home Broker – The home broker is the medium for those who want to trade their stocks, actively participating in the buying and selling of them. The advantage of this method is the tax exemption, but it also has drawbacks, such as the loss that is solely yours.