Ways A Qualified Arborist Can Help You With Tree Care


Ways A Qualified Arborist Can Help You With Tree Care

Trees can be a lot more dangerous than they look, causing major damage to property and sometimes humans/animals when they fall unexpectedly. This can occur during a heavy storm or be set off in some other way, but these trees have tell-tale signs that they are fall-prone which a professional arborist will be able to identify.

The following will look at the # major ways than an arborist will be able to help you.


Pruning trees

An arborist is able to identify what kind of pruning may be required in order to improve the safety, appearance and/or health of a tree or trees. This process often involves the amputation of tree limbs that:

  • Are encroaching on structures or utilities (power lines, sewage pipes etc.)
  • Diseased or infested by insects
  • Storm damage
  • Dead or decaying/rotten
  • Obstructing thoroughfare like sidewalks and streets

There are several other pruning methods that the professional you hire may elect to use in order to encourage healthy growth of young trees and avoid future problems. Engaging this kind of expert early-on can help lessen the cost of corrective measures later on.


Removal of trees

Sometimes an arborist will deem that a tree is too dangerous to be kept alive because of the risk it poses should it be pushed to collapse. While the tree might be stable for the time being, a professional will be able to determine whether or not there is sufficient risk for it to be removed as a precautionary measure. It’s better to unnecessarily remove a tree than it is to allow one to collapse and harm persons or property.

The reasons a tree can be removed are also very varied when it comes to advanced arboriculture. For example, a healthy tree might be removed because it is encroaching on other tress that may be more desirable for that property.


Planting of trees

Sometimes an arborist will be engaged for their professional expertise on what type of tree should be planted and in what location. They can make predictions about how the tree will grow and take into account factors like soil quality and surrounding wildlife/vegetation.


Emergency care

Sometimes in an emergency such as during or after a storm a branch may become lose or fall and damage another tree or property. An arborist will be able to help people safely deal with these safety hazards and determine if the worst is over.


When do you need them?

Hiring an arborist becomes necessary when you are dealing with several tress on a property and need a science-based plan for how to deal with them and minimise the cost of dealing with them. A great example of where an arborist is extremely useful is in the development and landscaping of a golf course since trees are placed strategically for the purposes of the course.

An arborist is also useful on any development where existing trees need to be negotiated and potentially removed to make room for something new. This include identification of heritage trees and enabling proper paperwork to be completed that ensure due diligence was done on the part of all involved parties.

Hopefully the above information helps you in knowing what kind of services this type of professional can provide you with and what circumstances influence the way they do their job.